Once Upon A Time Goldendoodle Acres

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Home: Lebanon, CT 06249
Phone: 860-204-1401
Email: Goldendoodlesinct@aol.com


             Here at Once Upon a Time Goldendoodle Acres we offer family bred and farm raised puppies. Our family dogs are three goldendoodles, these would be our puppies parents, and their grandparents are grandpa goldenretriever, and grandma poodle. All of our puppies for adoption are F2, second generation goldendoodle puppies, hybrid, hypo-allergenic, and guaranteed non-shedding.  All puppies are also locally vet checked and up to date on all shots.    


Grandma: Standard Poodle

Left: Mom, Wendy when she was a puppy!

Right: Aunty and Uncle as puppies


Mom: Tinkerbell

Grandpa: Golden Retriever

Dad: Peter                                                                  Tinkerbell