Once Upon A Time Goldendoodle Acres

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About Us : Lebanon, CT 06249
                    Karen: 860-908-2818

All of our puppies are born to our own family dogs, Peter, Daisy Mae, Lady, Rosie and Narla

our standard golden doodles. Ezzzy & Kiara our standard pure bred poodles. Simba, Red & Ginger are our mini goldendoodles, all under the watchful eye of Grandpa Dumass, our purebred Golden-retriever. 

Our puppies are all raised with my children, my grandsons and my great niece, triple generation of family & pets in our home.

Our puppies are all fully socialized from day one, every day with myself, my daughters, my grandsons and niece. Our constant hands on involvement is a major part of our puppy socialization designed to ensure and guarantee well adjusted family friendly pets. (see our many customer references, next page) 

Also our puppies are socialized everyday with all of our other farm friends, our donkey named Rosemary, a mule named Cane, chickens & rabbits,

 and of course lots more puppies.

Visiting policy: Naturally for us our priority is raising the healthiest puppies possible, Due to this we have had to find alternatives for our families to meet our puppies & parents. Understandable everyone wants to be sure our puppies are healthy & are what & who we say they are, being that we are reputable breeders in the world of internet today. We can attest, we are well documented breeders for over 16 years with only just a dozen or so of our many references on here & on our facebook page also where all of our previous puppies parents share pics & conversations all about our puppies. It is a great place to share & ask any questions you may have. We also offer Skyping & FaceTime now, we are finding utilizing all modern forms of technology is really in the best interest of our new born puppies health. When puppies are still nursing from Mom it is never acceptable to introduce strangers to the litter. After which time puppies immune systems are immature for this reason it continues to be unsafe for newborn pups to interact with strangers risking the possibility of transferring diseases that can be fatal for the entire litter. We will thank everyone in advance for understanding this, we are currently making some exciting new changes to our families puppy farm.



  Goldendoodles are a hybrid breed of puppies, Usually bred from a  Golden Retriever and Poodle cross. Our grandfather is a registered golden retriever and grandmother is a registered standard size poodle. Our parent dogs are  first generation, F1 goldendoodles and registered standard size black poodle.  Our puppies we have are 1st and 2nd generation, F1 and F2 goldendoodle puppies. The result of this cross breeding is a great family dog with dominant traits from each breed. Poodles are known for their high intelligence, non-shedding and non-allergenic coat. Goldenretrievers are known for faithfulness, gentle, obediant nature and also high intelligence. Together this produces an easily trainable, highly intelligent, family orientated, friendly, and faithful companion. Non-shedding and non-allergenic for people with allergies is just another added benefit of these new breed of dogs. 

My Family recognizes & appreciates the sacrifice of our service men/women & their families. We offer an immediate discount for all of our military service people. Just ask !

Health Guarentee: 

We will stand behind our puppies with a 24 month genetic health guarantee. All our puppies are in the best possible health to the best of our ability and knowledge. When our puppies go to their new forever homes, they will have been fully examined by our local Veternarian, recieved their first set of shots, been dewormed and will be coming to you with a clean bill of health.

If any problems are found by your puppy's new vet during the very first veternarian exam, after purchase, and the problem is found to be life-threatening or disabling, so serious that your & our veterinarian agree it disqualifies the puppy as a pet. We will refund the full purchase price or will replace the puppy with another similar puppy, either from the same litter, or the next available litter. Additionally, if within the first 2 years after purchase, your puppy develops a genetic disorder, we will happily replace the puppy with another puppy of your choice from the next available litter with no additional charge. (excluding shipping & handling charges) Unfortuanately, we do not cover any out-of-pocket medical expenses that may have been incurred. 

LIFETIME SUPPORT: We have always told all of our new puppy parents, if there is ever a reason you find you can no longer care for our dogs @ anytime, I ask them to please contact me & make arrangements to return the dog to us. We do not want any of our dogs to be added to unwanted dogs for any unforseen reasons.